Windows 10 ISO Download Only – LINUX VERSIONS ONLY!

Here is the quick video I did since people using Windows 10 have issues getting just the .ISO image file, I’ve provided a quick/easy solution for Linux users:

Linux Download URL:
Youtube Video Demo URL: (This was completed using Lubuntu 15.10 x64)

How to install Microsoft Office 12 with Wine x64



Microsoft Office 2007 32-Bit Installer Only:

MS Office 2007 reports msxml5 as not installed (WoW64):

SOLUTION: Create 32-bit WINEPREFIX manually via terminal and install OFFICE12 with riched20.dll [Native [Windows] *POSTED BY: abscomputing*

Extra Solutions:
Fedora Linux MS Office 12 Install Guide [Works Similar]

Here is a short video of the error and above is the post you will use to fix the MS OFFICE 12 issue when you install on Lubuntu 15.10 x64.


**SPECIAL NOTE** If you use Powerpoint, follow the instructions in the post from the WINEHQ forum and test which URL advice will work best. I had to bypass the Microsoft fix prompts and just load Powerpoint for it to work which is indicated by the poster who found the original fix!


How To Use The DELL Recovery Media Creation Package


First we will complete the basic install from Ubuntu Software Center:






Second: We will make a backup image of the OS currently in use!







In your download path, you’ll find an ISO if you choose No media, create image with a name similar to:

This is the image for your system you can use to re-install your DELL if you have any issues on Lubuntu 15.10!