Learning The Basics

Lubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts:
Keyboard Shortcuts

What is the an .exe file in Linux:
What’s an .exe file in Lubuntu?

How to run a full search on / [root] directory:
How to use find

How to search for apps: [Terminal]
How to check dpkg installed package
sudo apt-cache policy your-pkg-name-here

How to load APT URL’s:
Options to access APT links

How to check the dependencies of an pkg on linux:
Check dependencies of a package

How to run .sh files:
How to run .sh files in terminal

Deb “Not Found” This is not a command:
What is “deb not found”?

How To list all the PPA on my system? [Personal Package Archives]:
Show all personal package archives installed

Change Icons in Lubuntu:
How to change application icons

How to change password:
How to change your account password

How do I check my Video Driver?:
How To Find Lubuntu Video Driver from CLI

How do I copy a folder with files in Terminal/CLI?
How To Copy Files/Folders To Another Directory CLI

How to see if a command in Terminal worked?
Use this to see if you did the command right – click for info here

How to run “Trim” for SSD via Terminal:
How to enable TRIM for SSD

How to enable Wifi on Lubuntu 15.10:
How To Enable Wifi For Lubuntu 15.10

How to troubleshoot Wifi:
Tools You Can Download And Use!