How to install Microsoft Office 12 with Wine x64



Microsoft Office 2007 32-Bit Installer Only:

MS Office 2007 reports msxml5 as not installed (WoW64):

SOLUTION: Create 32-bit WINEPREFIX manually via terminal and install OFFICE12 with riched20.dll [Native [Windows] *POSTED BY: abscomputing*

Extra Solutions:
Fedora Linux MS Office 12 Install Guide [Works Similar]

Here is a short video of the error and above is the post you will use to fix the MS OFFICE 12 issue when you install on Lubuntu 15.10 x64.


**SPECIAL NOTE** If you use Powerpoint, follow the instructions in the post from the WINEHQ forum and test which URL advice will work best. I had to bypass the Microsoft fix prompts and just load Powerpoint for it to work which is indicated by the poster who found the original fix!



Author: Lubuntu 15.10 Support Dedicated Lubuntu 15.10 Support Beyond The Official Lubuntu Sub-Team

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