How to Remove Virus or Malware Windows 10 Using Lubuntu

  1. Select the Start button in the lower-left corner of the screen, then Settings > Update & recovery. Under Reset this PC, select Get started.
  2. Restart your PC to get to the sign-in screen, then hold the Shift key down while you select the Power icon > Restart in the lower-right hand corner of the screen. After your computer restarts, select Troubleshoot > Reset this PC*The important part is to enter SAFE MODE WITHOUT NETWORKING*

Use this link as a guide if pressing F8 isn’t working during boot-up of Windows 10:
Windows 10 How To Boot To Safe Mode

On the other hand, if Windows 10 doesn’t boot properly or no longer allows you to log on with an administrator account, you can enable the legacy Advanced Boot Options menu that allows you to press F8 upon statup. It will display the additional boot options from which you can get to the safe mode in Windows 10.
You can enable the Advanced Boot Options menu by following the below instructions.

  1. Power on your PC.
  2. Use the appropriate key(s) to enter into the BIOS setup.
  3. Configure your PC’s BIOS to use CD/DVD drive as the first boot device.
  4. Insert the Windows 10 bootable disc, save the BIOS settings, and restart the computer with the Windows 10 DVD.
  5. On the first displayed screen, click Next, and then click Repair your Computer
  6. From the Choose an option window, go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options> You want to get to the Reset this PC option

Choose Remove Everything


Choose Remove everything


Choose Just remove my files *We will clean the HDD from Linux*
SPECIAL NOTE : If your PC says other partitions exist like a dual-boot with Lubuntu, only clean/wipe the Windows Drive!


Let your PC perform the “Reset” using this option! Make sure you’ve removed any USB drives,etc!

7. Boot to Lubuntu Live CD or extra partition on HDD/SSD w/ Lubuntu to desktop.

8. Install wine : sudo apt-get install wine

9. Install Malwarebytes [Windows .exe] : You will need to download this from their site and then run on entire machine using default options after updating signature using the Wine Windows Loader, not archive manager!

DOWNLOAD URL: MalwareBytes 2.0 Wine Working Download

10. Download avast-linux-home-edition-1.3.0.deb

Avast Linux Download

Install this .deb and do the following to get your Free Linux Key For 1 Year:



9. Now that you’ve setup both of these, run Malwarebytes first to completely remove all the malware from your Windows OS! *This process will run very quickly since the OS partition isn’t mounted*

  • REMOVE anything found and delete all traces completely, run a second time just to ensure which shouldn’t take long, maybe a minute max!

10. Run Avast Anti-Virus using the following steps shown here:

11. Once this has been run, you can also download Spybot and run this as well to fully ensure your machine is cleansed via Wine Windows Loader: Final Clean!
Spybot S&D Download

12. Once these steps have been completed, you may now safely reboot to your Windows 10 OS and complete the reset process which should now be clean *This process is the fastest to get your PC back up online* TESTED!!



SPECIAL NOTE: I used this process to clean up the Cerber Ransomware Infection on Windows 10 OS

** On any USB drives, scan for malware first and then just directly delete any files you see with any type of scrambled text or HTML formatting. On my USB drive I deleted all files with the .cb0b file extension:**
Example file type removed which you can safely: KQWq2y9hfS.bc0b

What the dirs infected will look like:


Here are some other forms of Malware I found out in the wild you use if you enter this to clear your machine: [This will keep a rogue adware chromium browser as your only browser!]



Zeus Malware Pop-Up Window – Too many of these screens on one OS install can permanently ruin your PC!




Malware Program Protection Toolkit: Lubuntu 15.10 x64 TESTED



Author: Lubuntu 15.10 Support Dedicated Lubuntu 15.10 Support Beyond The Official Lubuntu Sub-Team

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