How To Install VMWare Workstation 12

How to install VMware Workstation: [From Terminal]

Go to main install directory and type/enter using the installation file: [Example of file mentioned here]




After you enter your license key, and start VMware WS 12, you may run into an error saying you need to compile G++ to start.

Please use the following commands in terminal to finish installing WS12:[]

sudo apt-get install g++ [This will install the correct G++ compiler for you]
sudo apt-get install build-essential [This is the last thing you will need after the g++ compiler] *Use an S at the end of this command if that doesn’t work*

Once you have completed these steps you will now be able to run VMware Workstation 12!



Author: Lubuntu 15.10 Support Dedicated Lubuntu 15.10 Support Beyond The Official Lubuntu Sub-Team

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